Window washing in Prague

When ordering cleaning you can add window cleaning at a price from 150 CZK/window.

For each cleaning you can add an additional service, such as window cleaning. 

We provide window washing in a panel house, family house or office from both sides. The cleaning lady has a long squeegee which she can easily clean the windows without danger.

It’s recommended to provide a stable surface for the cleaner to thoroughly clean the window frame and the casement above it. It is best to empty the sill before the worker arrives. 

Please note that one standard window (130x140cm) double glazed will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If your windows are larger, the washing time and price increases.

Window washing in Prague

What the price depends on

  • if you order household cleaning and window washing, the price will be 150 CZK per 1 standard window;
  • if you are interested only in window washing (without home cleaning) – you will pay 200 CZK for a standard window;
  • we also clean the windows after renovation and use professional cleaning products and equipment (steam generators, vacuum cleaners). The price of window cleaning after renovation – 240-260 CZK per 1 m² from both sides.

Minimum price for team arrival – 2000 CZK.

Price list for window cleaning in Prague – table

Window typePrice and terms
Seasonal washing
Standard with double glazing (with apartment cleaning)150 CZK – washing both sides. Window size – 130×140 cm
Standard with double glazing (without apartment cleaning)200 CZK – washing both sides. Window size – 130×140 cm
Windows after renovation
Windows after renovation on one side120-130 CZK (price per m²)
Windows after renovation on both sides240-260 CZK (price per m²)
Seasonal team washing
One side washing (m²)130-140 CZK (price per m²)
Washing both sides (m²)260-280 CZK (price per m²)

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How do we wash windows?

Jak myjeme okna

How do we clean the balconies?

Jak myjeme balkony

Well, what about the price?

Price is per 1 standard window 130×140 cm. Windows after renovation – per 1m²
Standard window washing (130×140)
Standard window washing (without home cleaning)
Windows after renovation
Seasonal washing

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I decided to order a window washing service for my grandmother’s house because there was a lot of dust left on the windows after the winter. Your cleaners were very helpful.
Thank you so much for my streak-free windows. Honestly, I had never paid attention to it before, so I decided to hire a cleaning company for the first time. I was extremely satisfied.
I ordered a service to wash all the windows. I am very pleased with the result, the girl dealt with it well. I will be ordering the service every season.
Jiři, TV-host
I was pleasantly surprised by your company – I didn’t think it was possible to clean windows so well on the 25th floor. I will contact you more.
My wife told me to find someone to wash the windows. I saw your company in many bloggers so I decided to give it a try. My wife liked it, so we repeatedly ordered the service.
Zdeněk, engineer
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