Cleaning after renovation

The approximate price ranges from CZK 45 to CZK 180 per 1m², but depends on the difficulty level.

How we clean up after renovations

House cleaning after building and renovating is complicated and time consuming. If you can afford it, trust it to professional cleaners. It isn’t too expensive as many thought. 

Cleaning company “Ohayno” provides this service from 30 CZK per 1m². We clean flats, offices and family houses. Contact us on the web or call the following numbers. 

After cosmetic repairs or reconstruction, it’s quite challenging to get rid of building dust. We’ll come to you with all necessary equipment, including industrial vacuums and professional cleaning products, and have your apartment or other spaces ready to move in within a day:

  • dusting the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture 
  • we remove stains from painting, glue and building materials (putty, plaster) 
  • we polish glass surfaces, doors, mirrors 
  • we wash the floors
  • clean the gaps between the tiles 
  • we remove protective films from windows

House cleaning after construction costs 45-180 CZK/m², the price directly depends on the complexity of the work. This type of cleaning includes everything besides window cleaning. Windows are charged separately – 120 CZK/m² on one side or 240 CZK on both sides.

The minimum price for team cleaning is 2500 CZK.

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Who’s cleaning up?

A team of cleaners and a master cleaner will come to you to clean up after the renovation. They will take with them all the necessary professional equipment: steam generator, building vacuum cleaner, also ladders and a variety of specialized cleaning products. If your apartment is 20-50m², 4 cleaners will come to you. If it is 50-100 m² – 6 to 7 cleaners.

The goal is a house that shines with purity, so we do all the work that is necessary to achieve this. The master visits the worksite beforehand to calculate the cost. If you are not comfortable with this, send us a video or photos of your flat so we can estimate the scope of the job. This is the basis on which the work is carried out:

  • counting cleaning workers
  • selection of cleaning devices
  • budgeting

After finalizing the details, adding extra services as needed, and confirming the list of services, our team will come to your home and start cleaning immediately. Calculate the cost of the cleaning using the calculator found on our website, or contact us.

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Cleaning after renovation [Price 2022]

Service listPrice
Apartment cleaning after renovation, m²from 30 CZK
Office cleaning after renovation, m²from 35 CZK
Cottage cleaning after renovation, m²from 35 CZK
House cleaning after reconstruction, m²from 35 CZK
Window washing after renovation, m²from 120 CZK
WC cleaningfrom 150 CZK
Refrigerator washingfrom 150 CZK
Kitchen appliance washing220 CZK/hr
Dishwashing180 CZK/hr
Ironing180 CZK/hr
Balcony150 CZK
Pet toilet150 CZK

*Current price for August 2022

How to calculate the cleaning cost after renovation?

Apartment cleaning after renovation, as well as general cleaning, needs a preliminary assessment of the scope of work or the arrival of the master on the place. 

In addition, to give you a more detailed estimate, we ask you to send us a photo/video of your flat or house in advance (as we want to give you a minimum price). 

The table shows the minimum prices. Here you can see what the total price depends on.

Price per 1m²Conditions on which this amount is possible
45-60 CZK/m²empty apartment, no furniture, no greasy dirt/floor, only dust (walls, floor, ceiling), this price is for apartments over 15O m²
60-75 CZK/m²partially furnished apartment, e.g. there is only a kitchen, the rooms are empty, the price is for apartments over 15O m²
75-90 CZK/m²medium dirtiness, minimum furniture
90-100 CZK/m²fully furnished apartment (kitchen, chest of drawers, sofa, bed, cupboards)
100-120 CZK/m²large amount of dust, gaps between tiles, lots of furniture (need to wash inside)
150-180 CZK/m²Flat after a fire, flood or sewage system failure.
Windows240-260 CZK/m² window washing

We aren’t afraid of a large apartment and complete cleanings of various complexities, but the number of cleaners and duration may vary slightly from those announced in advance.

How do we work?

Depending on the size of the apartment, cottage or office, the team of cleaners can consist of 4-10 people:

  • up to 50 m² – 4 cleaners
  • 50-100 m² – 5 to 7 persons
  • more than 100 m² – 7-10 specialists

Everyone has a task and tools. The foreman constantly supervises the quality of the work, controls its progress and helps with the neat removal of appliances or furniture.

We use professional and effective cleaning devices to perfectly remove traces of builders’ dust and mixtures that remain on the surface:

  • industrial steam generators
  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • foam cleaners
  • floor washing machines

Obviously, our cleaners also have sponges, mops, microfiber wipes, window wipers, brushes – all the tools they need to clean any surface, material or hard-to-reach area. 

We use German cleaning chemicals that don’t damage surfaces, don’t cause allergies, are environmentally friendly, and can handle even hard-to-remove stains.

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The housekeeping team is engaged in:

  • taking out all the trash, even if there’s a lot of it.
  • removing foils from windows, furniture and ceilings
  • removing builders’ dust from walls, ceilings, window sills, furniture, baseboards and floors

Dust is removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner, then by hand or with a floor cleaning machine. The builders’ dust spreads all over the home, so this process needs to be repeated 2-3 times until it has a visible effect. 

We use acid and alkaline chemicals, brushes, scrapers and a steam generator to remove traces of adhesive, grout, putty and paint.

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Cleaning service list after renovation

RoomService list
Bedroom– dusting walls, ceilings, floorboards, closed and open surfaces (furniture), sockets, switches, doors, steam cleaning radiators, floor cleaning, chandeliers of all kinds
– if necessary, we clean windows.
Kitchen– everything that includes a bedroom
– in addition, we polish taps, glass interior parts
– we clean the joints between the tiles, wash the tiles.
Bathroom– we clean the joints between the tiles, wash the floor and wall tiles
– we wash tiles, sanitary equipment, open-closed surfaces, showers, bathtubs, – sinks, mirrors, doors.
Cloakroom– we wash and clean all open and closed surfaces
– dusting walls and ceilings, chandeliers, floor coverings.

It is important that no renovations, such as the installation of water pipes, furniture or doors, are carried out in the apartment during and after the cleaning. 

Otherwise, the cleaner would need to dust all surfaces over and over again, increasing the time and cost of cleaning.

You accept the cleaning, together with the master you check whether each task has been completed, and only then, if there is nothing to clean, you pay us in cash or by bank transfer.

A special aspect of cleaning after a renovation is that the settled dust has to be cleaned several times. Therefore, the process takes a whole day. 

In accordance with internal policies, we will use a vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner 3 times to remove all dust in the room and visibly clean the surfaces. 

Despite this, we recommend at least one more regular cleaning within a month.

We work in Prague and surroundings

We are located in Prague, ul. Na Harfě 712/7, Vysočany, 190 00 Prague 9. We accept orders not only in Prague, but also in the surroundings.

Order cleaning on the website or by phone +420 770 668 279. You can do it at any time. 

You can book a cleaning service via messenger, by leaving a request on the website or by phone. We recommend ordering a few days in advance, but if you need cleaning urgently – let us know and we will work something out.

Average rating of our cleanings 5 out of 5

Total 0 reviews about cleaning apartments in Kyiv
Cleaning a family house after repairs is a nightmare. But your workers handled it beautifully.
Stanislav, programmer
We were renovating our apartment and a lot of trash and dust was left behind. Therefore, there was no cleaning. For about 6 hours we paid 5 000 CZK. Thank you
Martin, DJ
It’s good to have a company like yours. The workers did a great job cleaning up the house after the remodel.
Natalie, manager
We ordered a cleaning service right after the painters left. Great, happy with all. Very polite manager, cleaners are very hardworking. They cleaned my 120 m² apartment in 7 hours, everything is shiny – we moved in immediately.
Vojta, developer
The renovators left behind a lot of builders’ rubble and dust. I had to call a cleaning company because we realized we couldn’t do it ourselves. We are very happy with the cleaning. Ohayno, everything went perfectly. I will contact you
Anna, SMM manager
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