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Can I order window cleaning only?

Yes, we do seasonal washing and washing after renovations. Window washing with cleaning will cost you 110 CZK/pc (130 x 140 cm). Single washing costs 160 CZK/pc. Panoramic windows are charged separately. 

Window cleaning after renovation is 130 CZK per 1 m², minimum price is 1500 CZK.

What is a cleaning subscription and how do I use it?

Subscription includes a monthly package for a minimum of 2 cleanings. Try to use the cleanings within 30 days of the first cleaning as subscriptions do not extend. You will pay the full price after the first cleaning. We will be able to keep the price of the cleaning service you paid for, but you will have to pay the difference equivalent to the price of the same one-off cleaning. You can calculate the cost of your subscription here (paragraph “Subscription for regular cleaning” ).

How is the staffing process?

First we assess them on their appearance criteria, then on their criminal records and bad credit history, then we invite them to training. After the training, the future cleaners write a test and according to the results of the test, the cleaner gets an internship with a senior cleaner, and if he/she has no objections, only then does the real work start.

I’m worried about low-quality cleaning. What should I do?

We clean according to the standards, but even so, something can go wrong, so we always ask the client to check the quality of cleaning on site according to the checklist. If something is wrong, we will fix it right away or refund your money. 

What to do if:

1. You noticed smudges or dust before the cleaner left.

Do not hesitate to tell. The cleaner is always willing to do something. 

2. You noticed the dirt after the cleaner left.

Write to us or send us a photo!!!

3. If you were away during the cleaning and upon arrival you noticed poor quality work.

Write or call us. 

Our cleaning company is focused on client feedback. Therefore, every review or photo will only strengthen our relationships. We love you and want to make you happy. We believe this is how strong relationships are supposed to work.

I worry about theft of property. What should I do?

How do we combat this? All candidates go through an interview, passport verification and testing. We have our own staff of employees with no temps. We will pay for any damages incurred. 

Do you provide ceiling washing?

Yes, as long as you provide a solid surface and the washing doesn’t damage the ceiling.

Do you provide furniture dry cleaning?

Yes, we provide dry cleaning of all furniture made of different materials. This is done by professional staff who can select the correct cleaning product and remove dirt perfectly.

How is payment made?

You always pay at the end of the cleaning, after you have checked the result. If there are any comments, we are ready to correct them immediately.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay in cash directly to a worker or by card. If you pay by card, the manager will send you the details during the cleaning process.

Are you cleaning up after a renovation?

Yes, this is a stand-alone type of cleaning that requires special cleaning equipment (industrial vacuum cleaner, steam generator, foam cleaner, etc.). The price of such cleaning is 35-120 CZK/m². Several cleaners come to the site and work under the supervision of a foreman. More information can be found on this page

What services do you not provide at all?

We don’t wash chandeliers and blinds because we don’t want to damage anything. We don’t move weighty objects because we employ mostly fragile women. We don’t dust the flowers or clean the inside of the hood. Either we do the job well or we don’t do it at all!

Why doesn’t basic cleaning include washing the windows, the balcony, inside the fridge, inside the microwave, inside the cabinets?

For our clients we carry out home cleaning 2-4 times a month, cleaning of such surfaces requires an average of once a month, therefore these are additional services. 

If you didn’t find the answer to your question – ask our manager. We will answer very quickly and with love.
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