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How are we cleaning up?

The cleaner comes at the scheduled time with everything he needs and gets to work immediately. At the end you will appreciate the result.
Wiping the kitchen countertops
Cleaning the cooker hood fronts
Washing the fronts of cupboards
Cleaning the stove
Washing the dishes
Take out the garbage
kitchen cleaning Prague
Cleaning any glass surfaces and mirrors
Wiping off all the tiny objects and underneath
Vacuuming and washing under the bed
Making the bed and bedding
Stacking all the items on the workplace
Wiping the skirting boards
Vacuuming and washing floors
bedroom cleaning
Toilet disinfection
Washing and coating taps
Vacuuming and washing floor
Washing the bathtub
Wiping the water spot
Washing the sink and underneath
bathroom cleaning
Wiping of entrance doors and door leaves
Folding the shoes
Washing the shoe shelves
Vacuuming and washing floor
living room cleaning

Good. What about prices?

We stand for fair prices. Our customers can also save money by subscribing to regular cleaning.

We control the quality

We always ask for reviews of the cleaning and for the cleaner’s rating from 1 to 5. If there’s something wrong, we arrive and put it right. We don’t want to profit from dissatisfied customers. 

Meet our best cleaners

We employ only top people, we choose from 30 candidates for 1 position. We train them and regularly monitor their achievement.
I want to be a cleaner
Very punctual and active, loves children. Previously worked as a nurse.
She has a pedagogical education, previously worked as a teacher and tutor in kindergarten.
Loves children very much, she has a little son. Came to us on the recommendation of a friend.
Very fond of animals, previously worked in administrative positions.
Orders fulfilled for today
I was very pleased with the cleaning quality. Thank you 🙂
Karla Němcová
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Thank you, Ohayno, for the quick and high-quality cleaning of my unfortunate apartment. My 1-bedroom app shines now.
Marina, project manager
Many thanks to your company for my clean sofas. Honestly, I had never noticed before so this is the first time I have ever decided to order a cleaning. Remained very satisfied.
Thank you for the quick and high-quality cleaning of my rooms. My sleeping room is much neater and brighter now.
Martin, Managing Partner
My household requires more than 3 hours of deep cleaning once a week. Your cleaners can handle it. I recommend.
I have 3 kids and obviously I can’t even keep the house clean. I ordered your cleaning service once and I no longer ever worry about dirty carpets. Thank you.
I can’t stand spring because of the very dirty windows. I decided to book a cleaner and I didn’t do wrong. Within 4 hours the lady cleaned all my windows on both sides, no wiring, I was very satisfied. Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for my clean windows. Honestly, I had never paid attention to this before, so for the first time I decided to order such a service as window cleaning. I was extremely pleased, the cleaner arrived with all his equipment, there was even a special mop for cleaning windows. They washed all the windows for me, everything shines and shines.
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Free disinfection of all surfaces during COVID

  • All the cleaners work in masks
  • Cleaners are tested for RTIs every day 
  • Disinfection and quartization are free of charge
Free disinfection of all surfaces during COVIDFree disinfection of all surfaces during COVID

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to order window cleaning only?

Of course. Seasonal window cleaning costs 200 CZK for one standard window (130*140cm). When ordering seasonal window cleaning with cleaning of the flat – the price for one window (130*140cm) will be 150 CZK. 

In the case of non-standard sizes or large panoramic windows, the cleaner will determine how many standard windows will fit in one large window before the actual washing. 

The price of cleaning after reconstruction – 240 CZK/m² on both sides. The minimum price for ordering windows after reconstruction is 2000 CZK.

What services do we not provide at all?

We try to provide as many services as possible. Some of them we do not offer yet (we are not sure we will do it well):

– we don’t wash chandeliers

– we don’t wash the blinds 

– we do not relocate oversized furniture (the exception is group cleaning)

– we don’t wipe off dust on flowers

– we do not clean the hood inside (we only clean fronts)

What is a cleaning subscription and how to use it?

Subscription includes a monthly package for a minimum of 2 cleanings. This package is valid for 30 days from the first cleaning. 

Also, after the first cleaning you must pay the full price of the package. You can calculate the cost of the subscription here ( see “Subscription for regular cleaning” )

The next day you will receive an SMS confirmation of payment, information about the validity of the package and our managers will contact you to confirm the date of the next cleaning (Telegram or Viber).

Importantly, if you don’t use all the cleaning services within 30 days, the subscription will not be prolonged.

How is the staffing process?

Verification and sorting is handled by the security service, which looks for criminal records, credit history and previous employment history.

The next step is to attend training and seminars, where they learn about all the details of housekeeping (methods of cleaning, proper division of the cleaning area, use of appropriate cleaning products). After the training, a test containing 100 questions on cleaning is written. Only after successfully passing the test are future cleaners invited to join a senior cleaner for an on-the-job training.

Only one who adheres to all cleaning standards 100%, will approach you for an excellent cleaning of your apartment.

I’m worried about poor quality cleaning. What should I do?

We’re trying to find all-purpose cleaning products! We clean according to standards, but something can still go wrong, so we always ask the client to verify the quality of the cleaning. If anything is wrong, we fix it right away or refund your money. 

After cleaning we keep a check-list for you. It isn’t just a piece of paper, but it is our internal document in which the cleaner writes down the cleaning done. You can check the work done by the items marked. The cleaner doesn’t change clothes and doesn’t leave the apartment before you check the cleaning. 

What if:

1. What to do if you detect smudges or dust before the cleaner leaves.

Don’t hesitate to tell about it. We have no problem with cleaning, dusting or coating. The cleaner is always willing to finish up. 

2. You noticed the dirt after the cleaner left.

Email us or send us a photo!!!

If you were away during the cleaning and upon arrival you noticed poor quality work.

Email or call us.

Our company is focused on customer feedback. Therefore, every review or photo will only strengthen our relationships. We have a friendly staff that is always ready to interact with clients. We care about you and want to make you happy, and when you call us names – we fix it and apologize.

We believe strong relationships are supposed to work this way.

I’m worried about damage or theft. What should I do?

How do we combat this? All candidates go through an interview, passport verification and testing. We have our own staff of employees with no part-timers. We will pay for any damages incurred. 

How is the payment process?

You will always pay after the cleaning is done and checked. If you have comments, we will fix them immediately. Payment can be made by cash to the cleaner or by card transfer. If you choose to pay by card, we will send you an account number during the cleaning. 

Could you wash the ceiling?

Yes, as long as you provide a strong surface and the washing doesn’t damage the ceiling.

Why doesn’t basic cleaning include washing the windows, the balcony, inside the fridge, inside the microwave, inside the cupboards?

For our clients we clean 2-4 times a month, cleaning of such surfaces requires an average of once a month, therefore these are additional services. 

Do you dry-clean furniture?

Every cleaning includes vacuuming the furniture. For stain removal and steam treatment, you can order this separately (more here). 

Do you clean up after a renovation?

Yes, this is a stand-alone type of cleaning that requires special cleaning equipment (industrial vacuum cleaner, steam generator, foam cleaner, etc.). The price of such cleaning is from 45 to 120 CZK/m². 2,3 or more cleaners come to your flat and work together supervised by a master. More information can be found on this page. 

If your question is not answered here – ask our manager. We will answer very promptly and with love 🙂

Ohayno is a cleaning company in Prague

A lot of people have experienced the situation when having to clean the apartment quickly and not having time to do it. In such situations, it is advisable to hire professional cleaning services.

Ohayno is a modern company that provides services for households. We can help you clean your apartment in the best possible way in a short period of time.

Price list of cleaning services in Prague

Basic cleaning of flats and houses
1-room825 CZK
2-room1000 CZK
3-room1575 CZK
4-room1925 CZK
Regular cleaning of flats and houses
1-room550 CZK
2-room750 CZK
3-room1125 CZK
4-room1350 CZK
General cleaning in Prague and suburbs (CZK/m²)
Housefrom 60 CZK
Flatfrom 60 CZK
Cottagefrom 40 CZK
Officefrom 40 CZK
Window washingfrom 130 CZK
Cleaning after renovation in Prague and suburbs (CZK/m²)
Housefrom 45 CZK
Flatfrom 45 CZK
Cottagefrom 30 CZK
Officefrom 30 CZK
Washing windowsfrom 120 CZK
Price list for additional services of the cleaning company
Toilet washingfrom 150 CZK
Cleaning the fridgefrom 150 CZK
Cleaning kitchen appliancesfrom 220 CZK
Dishwashing220 CZK/h
Ironing220 CZK/h
Balcony150 CZK
Pet toilet150 CZK
Our cleaners will clean the apartment before guests arrive, tidy up after a noisy party in the office and will save your time. We clean everywhere and without a single spot of dirt.
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What does the price depend on?

The price of services depends on several factors, including:
Size and amount of rooms
Room dirt level
Assortment of used equipment
Cleaning method

Price of services that aren’t included in basic cleaning

The cost of some services isn’t part of the basic cleaning because they are not carried out regularly. For an additional charge we will do:
To calculate the price for cleaning your apartment or house, use this calculator.

Cleaning services list

Our company provides a full range of cleaning services in Prague and the suburbs. We offer various types of cleaning:

Basic cleaning

We eliminate hard-to-remove dirt, dust on all accessible surfaces (with the help of a squeegee), clean grease in the kitchen, polish sanitary ware, vacuum. 


Regular cleaning

We make bed linen changes, fold personal belongings carefully, dust within human reach, vacuum, clean water splash from faucets, dust appliances. 


General cleaning

Depending on the cleaning complexity, a cleaner or a group of workers will come to you with a full set of professional tools (Eco-products “KIEHL” (Germany), multifunctional vacuum cleaners and steam generators)  

They will clean the house and wipe down all surfaces from ceiling to floor. Also, they will put everything in order in the cupboards, remove stubborn dirt, clean limescale, disinfect toilets, etc.


Post-renovation cleanup

Our cleaning service will help you to quickly prepare your apartment after renovation for moving in. We will bring professional cleaning products, steam generators, cleaning tools, and more. 

Our cleaners will pick up and remove any building remains, remove dust from all surfaces, wash away dried glue, paint, sealant and other heavy soiling.


Window cleaning

We will wash them on both sides using a long mop and cleaning agents. We also wash windows after renovation and use professional equipment for it.


Regular cleaning at subscription

You can purchase a subscription for any number of household cleaning services with 3 additional services as a gift. You will save around 25% of the total price.


Additional services

Our cleaning company provides a range of additional services. These include window cleaning, kitchen appliance cleaning, balcony cleaning, laundry ironing and many others.

Why could you trust us?


We choose our staff very carefully

The company employs only fully trained people who have no bad past, no habits and are able to behave with customers.

We keep an eye on the quality of the staff’s work

In case the client isn’t satisfied with the cleaning, we provide an alternative cleaning within 3 days, give a discount or refund the money.

We use only professional cleaning chemicals

The products of the German brand “KIEHL” have a very strong cleaning effect. It is completely safe for humans, therefore it can be used in homes with small children or allergy sufferers.

We stand up for fair prices

The price of our services is based on a very simple system. Our customers can also save money by subscribing to a cleaning service.

How do we ensure security?

Only verified people work in our cleaning company. All prospective specialists undergo a thorough screening by our security service before being trained.

Where are we located?

Our office is located at Na Harfě 712/7, Vysočany, 190 00 Prague 9.

Our cleaners work in the suburbs of Prague. We accept applications 24/7. 

For further consultation please contact us on +420 770 668 279.

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