Deep cleaning

General home cleaning from 40 CZK/m². Cleaners will come to you with full profi equipment.

It’s good to keep your apartment clean, but it’s advisable to do a complete general cleaning every six months. Yes, this is the time when you take everything out of the wardrobes, clean under any beds and sofas and polish the cooker hood and cooker.

An average housewife needs a few days to complete this task, but if the house is more than 100 m² it takes 3-4 days. In addition, manpower is needed, because it isn’t easy to move a furniture cupboard on your own. 

Our cleaning company has taken care of this and prepared a new service of general cleaning. It’s also important when moving. The approximate price for the cleaning is calculated by our cleaner, either by video or photo. It is better to book the team cleaning 2-3 days in advance, but sometimes we can come the same day if available. 


The way we work

  1. A team of cleaners and our master will come to you
  2. You tell him all your requests (like not touching something or paying more attention to a specific surface)
  3. Then the master assigns tasks to the individual cleaners
  4. During the cleaning process, he moves lockers, carries the vacuum cleaner from room to room, moves all large items and supervises the work of all cleaners.

What does a general (total) cleaning of the apartment include?

This kind of house cleaning includes EVERYTHING! We clean everything from the ceiling to the basement:

  • remove grease in the kitchen
  • remove water scale from taps, dust and dirt from the surface
  • open, empty and wash the inside of the cupboards
  • remove mildew, limescale and rust in the bathroom 
  • we wash all windows, window frames and glass
  • remove spider webs from ceilings, walls and internal niches.

But! We would like to point out that our cleaners will do their best to clean everything, but if the apartment hasn’t been cleaned or tidied for a long time, the dirt will get buried in the surface and no cleaning product will succeed in removing it.

How much does general cleaning of an apartment in Prague cost 

The price of general cleaning ranges from 60 CZK/m² to 180 CZK/m².

The price depends on the level of dirtiness, whether the lockers need to be cleaned inside. 

Window washing is charged separately, the price for washing is always the standard 260 CZK per sqm on both sides. If necessary, we can wash the windows from one side only (130 CZK/sqm).

How to know the price of cleaning

We usually ask you to send photos or a video of the apartment/house to evaluate the price per 1m². However, if you aren’t able to do that, we recommend using the sample table of approximate prices to calculate the cleaning costs.

Price per 1m²The terms on which the amount is possible
60 CZK/m²the apartment is empty, no furniture, no greasy dirt/debris.
75-90 CZK/m²minimal amount of furniture, no greasy dirt/debris.
90-100 CZK/m²furnished apartment (kitchen, bedside tables, couch, bed, wardrobes), without extra items.
100-120 CZK/m²large amount of greasy dirt/debris, lots of furniture (need to wash inside).
150-180 CZK/m²home after a fire, flood or sewage system failure
Windows260-280 CZK/m² window cleaning (both sides).

The minimum price for an arriving cleaning team to clean up is 2500 CZK.

At the end of the cleaning, our master will check the cleaning himself and then provide you with a clean apartment. You can pay in cash or by card. 

Moreover, after the cleaning we will leave you a cleanliness and a discount on the subscription.

Price: general cleaning in Prague 2022Price
General apartment cleaning, m²from 40 CZK
Flat cleaning after renovation, m²from 80 CZK
Office cleaning after renovation, m²from 40 CZK
General office cleaning, m²from 40 CZK
Cottage cleaning, m²from 40 CZK
Basic apartment cleaningfrom 825 CZK
Regular house cleaningfrom 550 CZK
Windows washingfrom 150 CZK
Bathroom cleaningfrom 150 CZK
Refrigerator washingfrom 150 CZK
Washing kitchen appliancesfrom 40 CZK/hr
Dishwashingfrom 220 CZK/hr
Ironingfrom 220 CZK/hr
Balcony150 CZK
Pet toilet150 CZK

*Current price for August 2022

If you are interested in our other cleaning services, you can call us or leave an online application. If you need a general cleaning in the nearest future, we will mobilize a team of cleaners in 1 hour.

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Thank you for the quick and quality cleaning of my family home. Due to the size I cannot keep all the areas clean, your company is absolutely helping me with that.
My store needs more than 5 hours of general cleaning every 3 weeks. I am ordering your services for the second time and I am satisfied.
You provide the absolute best housekeeping I have ever had. Thanks to your cleaning ladies, my apartment is spotlessly clean and fresh.
General cleaning is a necessary thing for me because of the kids and pets. You have a great team of workers who are pros. Thank you
Home cleaning takes more time than I thought) So I decided to order a general cleaning from your company based on the reviews. You do it with a really cool quality.
Sometimes I don’t have the energy or desire for a regular cleaning, let alone a general one. I leave that job to the professionals at your company.
Thank you very much for the cleaning with the additional service of window cleaning. Honestly, I had never paid attention to it before, so this was the first time I decided to hire a cleaning company. I was extremely satisfied, the cleaner arrived with all the equipment, there was even a special mop to wash the windows. Everything shines and smells.
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