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Regular cleaning of commercial spaces. From 999 CZK per month. We take our own tools and equipment.

We can clean any space

We clean commercial spaces such as shops, warehouses, offices or basic apartments. In three years we have grown, made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot. Now we clean not only houses but also large areas!

We have an honest and clear price list for office cleaning

We understand that simplicity and clarity is a good thing. That’s why we have no hidden prices or traps. Everything is clear and predictable.
By subscription
up to 50 m²
up to 100 m²
up to 150 m²
up to 200 m²
up to 50 m²
up to 100 m²
up to 150 m²
up to 200 m²

Why do I need to arrange a consultation with a manager?

All spaces are unique and require an appropriate estimate. If you send photos and videos of your office for an estimate, we can’t see all the details, but the manager can objectively calculate, estimate cleaning costs and set a minimum price.

What do entrepreneurs say about our work?

More than 120 companies use the services of “Ohayno”. The average rating of our cleaning services is 4.9 out of 5.

Elizaveta Leščová, Shine Dance Academy
Irina Novak, PTV - Industrial Television Committee
Ohayno is our partner for cleaning services. During this time, Ohayno has managed to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and competence. The daily cleaning that is carried out in our dance studio by your company’s cleaning ladies is of high quality and completed on time. We are satisfied with the services that Ohayno cleaning company has provided and we recommend them as a professional and reliable partner.
Elizaveta Leščová, Shine Dance Academy
We would like to thank your company for the hard work of your employees. Special thanks to Liliana Kastranova for the quality cleaning. She was very attentive when working in difficult and hard to reach areas and cleaned the office very conscientiously, thoroughly and cleanly. From the staff of the Industrial Television Committee – thank you very much, we are very pleased. 

Irina Novak, PTV – Industrial Television Committee

They trust us with office cleaning

shine dance academy
domino group

We clean any time of day or night

choose time

We clean up in the morning before you start work

We wash walls, floors, skirting boards, cupboards, windows and mirrors. We dry clean carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. We clean bathroom fixtures and all types of surfaces, including cabinet tops and white goods.

We’ll clean up in the evening when everyone’s gone home.

At the end of the day, the cleaners clean the office. They wash the floor and dishes, wipe down all surfaces, including furniture, and pick up trash from desks. The full list of services is agreed in advance with the client.

FAQs and Answers

How long does office cleaning take?

The duration of the office cleaning depends on the type of cleaning, the size of the space and the services being performed. 

Do I have to provide cleaning products?

We can work with our own equipment as well as client supplied consumables. We prefer to use our own cleaning products because our staff knows how to handle them and how to use them properly for the type of surface. If a client wants to use only their products, we will ask for instruction and are not responsible for their effects.

Who are your employees who will be cleaning my office?

Our workers are mostly women around 45 years old. They are security cleared and trained so that they can handle all the tasks within the cleaning services we provide.

How do you guarantee the quality of cleaning?

The work of the cleaners is mainly supervised by our managers. They monitor the quality of the cleaning and the time they spend on it. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the level of service, they can tell the cleaning lady and she will re-do the job.

What does general office cleaning include?

A team of cleaners with professional equipment and plenty of tools are involved in general office cleaning. They clean floors, horizontal and vertical surfaces (inside and outside), furniture fittings, wipe dust from walls,  corners and heating radiators. Trim and joints are cleaned, and floors are dry-cleaned (if necessary).

Can you wash the windows in the office?

Yes, window washing is an additional service that is available for a fee. However, there are some shopping malls whose owners forbid us to wash them from the outside, in which case we only wash them from the inside. For such cases we have our own industrial climbers who can also wash the windows from the outside.

Do you clean carpets and office furniture?

Yes, this is an additional service. We recommend cleaning once a quarter, especially if it is an open space office, i.e. an office with a large amount of clients. The service is available at any time (morning, afternoon or evening). Carpet and furniture can be used immediately after dry cleaning. 

Is it possible to clean in the morning/evening?

Yes. We can arrive before or after working hours. This will affect the price as it is more difficult for the cleaner to get to the site too early or too late.

How much does it cost to clean my office and what does the price depend on?

The price of cleaning the office is about 1000 CZK (2-3 cleanings per month). It depends on the time and amount of work, cost of labor, and the need for additional services (window cleaning, dry cleaning, etc.). 

Are you making a contract?

Yes, we can make a contract with the client. The minimum duration of the contract is 3 months. We can also work under a public offer contract.

Is it possible to make a payment from a legal entity account to a current account?

Yes, this is possible at the time of signing the contract. Usually at the end of each month the customer sends the money for the month worked on the invoice.

Do you provide discounts on routine cleaning for my employees?

Yes, we provide a 15% discount on all cleaning services except those provided on a subscription basis. 

If you haven’t found the answer to your question, ask our attentive and courteous manager. We will answer very quickly and with love 🙂

Ohayno – #1 in office cleaning

We offer the fastest and highest quality commercial cleaning of all types. We provide services in offices in Prague and its surroundings. We are responsible for the result.

To use our services, it’s necessary to:

  • Leave an application on our website, call us or message us on social media.
  • Our specialist will arrive on location to conduct an overview and initial assessment.
  • On the same day, we will prepare and send you a quotation based on the data received. If it suits you, we will close the contract.
  • Within 1-7 days we will select a cleaning lady, provide the necessary equipment and tools to clean your office and get to work.

How much does office cleaning in Prague cost?

Office sizePriceCleaning time
50-100 m²1500 Kč4-6 hrs per week
100-200 m²2500 Kč6-8 hrs per week
200-300 m²3500 Kč8-10 hrs per week
300-500 m²4500 Kč10-12 hrs per week
The table shows the approximate prices and cleaning time. Costs may change depending on the specific services that need to be performed.
The price of cleaning in Prague depends on the type of cleaning, the size of the space, additional services and other factors. The basic price for regular office cleaning starts from 20 CZK/m², and if you need to clean the office after renovation – from 35 CZK/m².
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What does price depend on?

The cost of services depends on several factors, including:
Office size
Space dirtiness level
Furniture overcrowding rate
Cleaning type

Cleaning types

You can order any type of cleaning from our company: regular (daily), general, after renovations, floods, fires, etc. We work in Prague and its surroundings.

Daily cleaning

The aim of daily office cleaning is to keep the public areas and staff workrooms clean. It is carried out on a top-down basis.

First, the cleaners remove dust from the fronts of cabinets, shelves, tables, window sills and other horizontal surfaces. Afterwards, they dry clean soft furniture and floors. This is followed by wet mopping floors, taking out the trash, changing trash bags, disinfecting sinks, door handles and toilets.


General cleaning

In addition to keeping your office space clean, a general cleaning is necessary from time-to-time.

General office cleaning is difficult to do. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to a professional cleaning company. Usually, general cleaning includes washing windows, doors, tiles and painted surfaces. Soft furniture, floor coverings and various furniture can also be dry cleaned.


Cleaning after renovation

After the renovation in the new office, it is first necessary to remove construction dust and clean all surfaces, including the windows.

This requires extra time and effort, as well as the use of professional equipment and special products. Before starting the work, a professional will usually visit the space to assess the extent of the contamination, determine the intensity of the work and select cleaning products, etc.


Morning office cleaning

If employees have irregular working hours and often stay late after work, it’s best to clean in the morning.

Our cleaners will arrive on location before the start of the working day, carry out the agreed work and leave the office, making sure they leave the office spotlessly clean.


Evening office cleaning

Evening office cleaning is an equally popular service. Firstly, the cleaners are not limited by time. They can spend more time on certain tasks without having to worry about not getting them done in time for the arrival of staff.

After thoroughly cleaning floors and furniture, it sometimes takes time for treated surfaces to dry. If the cleaning is done in the evening, they will definitely have time to dry before the start of the working day.

Why trust us?


We take a very careful approach to recruitment

Our security service screens all employees for negative background checks. Only cleaners with a good reputation and no bad habits are allowed to work.

We use only professional cleaning products

We have the best technology in the cleaning market. Our technicians know the appropriate equipment, tools and products to help them deal with soiling more effectively.

We are tracking the quality of the staff’s work

If the customer isn’t satisfied with the quality of service, we will re-clean, provide a discount or a full refund.

We stand for fair prices

Our price is quite clear. If you want to save money, you can always get a subscription for cleaning services.

How do we ensure safety?

Our cleaning company employs only verified workers. Prior to being hired for training and internship, prospective cleaning ladies at our company undergo a thorough background check by our security service.

Where are we located?

Our office is located at Na Harfě 712/7, Vysočany, 190 00 Prague 9

Our cleaners work in the suburbs of Prague. We accept applications 24/7. 

For further consultation please contact us on +420 770 668 279.

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