Dry cleaning of soft furniture

Dry cleaning sofas, couches and sofas at home in Prague from 199 CZK!

Our cleaning company provides dry cleaning of soft furniture in Prague. For cleaning we use eco-friendly cleaning products, so it’s safe for children and animals.

So what are we dry cleaning?

The most frequent order of our company is the dry cleaning of these objects:  

  • Sofa dry cleaning
  • Seats dry cleaning
  • Seating group dry cleaning
  • Chair dry cleaning
  • Armchair dry cleaning
  • Sofa pillow dry cleaning
  • Pouf dry cleaning

The cleaning service is a cost-effective option. You don’t have to go anywhere, just call us +420 770 668 279 or text us online.

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Sofa dry cleaning – our price list

The manager needs to know some details to calculate the price:

  • object size
  • if it’s a sofa, whether it is a convertible or a movable 
  • the existence of stains and their intensity
  • whether the client tried to get rid of the dirt himself and what cleaning solutions he used
  • it is important to find out about the material, so we ask the client to take a picture of the label. 
  • best to clean both sides, as moisture from one side spreads to the other, which can cause stains on the other side of the mattress

When ordering sofa cleaning, customers will find it useful to know that one seat is about 50 to 60 cm long and two seats are about 150 cm long.

If you order dry cleaning in addition to household cleaning, the price will be greatly lower!

Sofa1 seat – 400 CZK2 seats – 800 CZK3 seats – 1200 CZK
Corner sofafrom 400 CZK
Armchairfrom 400 CZK
Chair90 CZK/pc
Sofa pillow90 CZK/pc
Poof180 CZK/pc

Minimum order value should be 1500 CZK.

The price of dry cleaning sofas, chairs, armchairs, etc. in our company is also influenced by the use of expensive cleaning products that are free of any harmful ingredients. Its usage is safe for expensive surfaces (the main point is to select the right product), people and animals.

If you are offered to clean sofas, couches, etc. at too low a price, it may mean that the company is using cheap products or ineffective equipment.

How do we work?

Čištění čalouněného nábytku se skládá z několika fází.

Posouzení rozsahu prací a získání informací o objektu

Soft furnishings dry cleaning consists of several stages.

Work scope assessment and obtaining information about the object

Before starting the dry cleaning, the worker will check the object and find out the following information:

  • what’s on the labels
  • type of dirt and stains
  • colouring type
  • whether the nearby parts of the object are rusted
  • whether the object has defects (breaks, deformations, burnt or faded areas, etc.)

To make the cleaning of settees, couches, sofas and other furniture as effective as possible, the employee will ask the customer the following questions:

  1. Object’s age. If it’s too old, cleaning may not be worthwhile.
  2. Previous dry cleaning experience. Sometimes the cause of damaged padding is due to incorrect cleaning and the use of wrong products.
  3. Type of dirt and its age. For effective cleaning, it is essential to choose the right type of cleaning agent. To do this, it is important to know the source of the dirt. Traces of ballpoint pen, urine and food residue need to be removed in different ways.
  4. The type of products the customer uses. Most often, the customer will do the first spot cleaning himself and when he realizes the stain has remained or has increased in size, he will call a cleaning company. It is important to tell the cleaning lady what products were used.

Honest and detailed answers to all questions will help the cleaners to deal with them better.

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Work process

Cleaning begins with the stain remover preparation and then the foremen will protect the surrounding surfaces. For example, parquet floors need to be carefully protected as they can swell during cleaning. Before using the stain remover, the cleaners vacuum the surface.

Stains are removed using an organic, hypoallergenic cleaning agent and then chemically cleaned using modern professional equipment.

To avoid unpleasant smells, it is necessary to take care to remove moisture. Drying can be natural, in which case it is important to keep the room well ventilated, or dried using industrial dryer.

Taking care of customer safety

Cleaning without cleaning products is not possible, but they are very varied. For cleaning we use only hypoallergenic organic products from Germany, Turkey, Austria and the USA. These are expensive products because we try not to spare on the health of our customers. 

The following reasons why you should order our cleaning services: 

  • The service is provided at home, you don’t have to wonder how to put the couch or chairs in the car.
  • Each of our staff is trained professionals who know how to operate the equipment and cleaning products.
  • To guarantee the safety of our clients and their property, we check each employee for criminal records, problems from previous employment, and only people with clear backgrounds and no bad habits come to us.
  • We are always client-side; if you are dissatisfied with the result, we will redo the work, give you a discount or solve the problem in another way.

To help you decide, take a look at our customer reviews.

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Average rating of our cleanings 5 out of 5

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At a birthday party, some wine was spilled on the carpet. Of course, I tried to remove it by myself using a special shampoo, but it just got worse. The stain got bigger. I called your company…
Petr, dancer
I have been using your company’s services for a long time. I was very pleased that I can order furniture cleaning now as well. I can trust the workers to clean expensive surfaces without any worries.
Hanka, teacher
Every spring I had to take the carpets and curtains to the dry cleaners. They told us that it’s impossible to do the cleaning in the apartment. As soon as your company started providing such a service right at home, I immediately contacted you.
Regina, doctor
I have 2 dogs and a cat at home. No cleaning products, including the most expensive ones, can remove the smell of animals from the carpet and sofa. We try to do cleaning once a season, thank you for the quality work.
Agnes, manager
I order your services frequently because I have 2 children. I’m so satisfied with the quality of work and professional cleaners.
Ondřej, project manager
I order your services frequently because I have 2 children. I’m so satisfied with the quality of work and professional cleaners.
Viktorie, director
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